Good to Meet You


Thank you so much for stopping by!  I'm Lee, the crazy lady behind Lee Barrow Photography.  Photography has been such a big passion of mine for many years.  Meeting new familes and making so many new friends has made me love what I do so much more!  I am seriously the most easy going and laid back person you'll ever meet, which is probably why I get along with kids so well! Haha!  

My husband has been my biggest supporter in this adventure, and never complains when I come up with crazy new ideas!  Without his support it would be near impossible to keep learning and exploring new things.  We have three amazing kiddos that really complete our lives.  Without the inspiration from them, I would have never pursued photography in the first place.  I'm that "momtog" that started out making my kids do little photo shoots and making them model for me (oh good times).  They're truly my inspiration now and always. 

A few things about me:
I love to sleep in (I would never get up before 10am if I could)
Pepsi is my drug of choice :)
I'm a true homebody and love being home with my family
I've recently become obsessed with McDonald's vanilla ice coffee
I have always been extremely shy

Life is an awfully big adventure …

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